We were looking around, we bought a lot!

For Sale blog

Late June 2015, we were driving through a neighborhood in Midway, Utah, the same one we had driven through 11 years before looking for a lot on which to build a cabin, my wife, ‘L’, saw a for sale by owner sign that drew us to this property.

We pulled over, walked around the lot and had a good feeling. Generally, you can go by the idea, “does it feel right?”.   This one did.   After much due diligence we closed on the property July 20, 2015 where we will build a modest, modern home, warm with wood accents on this 1 acre lot with views of the Heber Valley.

The best part might be that it has a mountain bike/hiking trail running right through it!!! The lot, of course is private property, and a trail at Wasatch Mountain State Park ends at our property line, thus the name “Trail’s End”.  Although, it’s just the beginning for us.

Follow us through our journey of the “Trail’s End House”.


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