Mountain bike ride and staking lot.

I went and rode the Dutch Hollow trails at Wasatch Mountain State Park and stopped by the lot to make some measurements afterward. Who knew the choices I would encounter on my ride? What could go wrong! Boneyard ed

On my way to the property I saw a plume of smoke, not able to tell how far away, of course I was concerned. After coming off the highway and turning west I could see it was MUCH further away, apparently near Deer Creek reservoir. This shot is a panorama of the smoke drifting over the Heber Valley from atop Boneyard on my bike ride.Heber Vally Pan

I stopped by Trail’s End and staked the 30′ setback for the Northwest corner where a house will probably go. The house will be  south and east from this corner. This is likely the best spot for the house, as it is a very buildable area and affords the best views. Later I will take a ladder and make a photo of the view from the level at which the house will sit to get a better idea of height and views.


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